PASSION 4 PASSION 2016 (3.0)

Passion 4 Passion is an annual in-store event thrown by Dojo Outfitters. P4P's function as an event is to blend seemingly different industries and cultures together to form one seamless experience. 

Passion 4 Passion 3 successfully blended the three worlds of Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Skateboarding together. We wanted to highlight the similarities in not only the pursuit of mastery in an art, but also the seamless flow of technique, energy, and passion that can be found in all three of these communities.


PASSION 4 PASSION 2015 (2.0)

Passion 4 Passion: Do or Die attempts to encompass the idea that when you blend Commitment and Execution, the results are absolute. For this event, we were proud to have live Judo and Jiu Jitsu demonstrations.



Passion 4 Passion 2014 (1.0)

At the inaugural Passion 4 Passion event, famed graffiti artist Tazroc completed an elaborate mural to be on permanent display at Dojo Outfitters.