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Our Story

The idea of Dojo Outfitters is simple. All we do is judo and jiu jitsu. We want to provide judo and jiu jitsu practitioners with a curated experience. When you visit our brick and mortar shop, we want to know about you. We are in the business of sharing experiences, meeting new people, and training all over the world.


A Curated

We like to look people in the eye and sell them products we believe in. We personally test every item that we sell to ensure we only carry what we use ourselves. We take pride in our curating process. 

We aren't open 7 days a week.
We rather talk to you in person.
We do answer every email.
We do answer every phone call.
We aren't in it for the fame.
We aren't in it for the fortune.

We do it because we love it.


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